Cooking Group: Harlaw Academy pupils get stuck in at Cook at the ‘Nook

Cook at the ‘Nook, recently had a request from a local youth group to run a 3-day cooking session for the children in the group.

Naomi Leckie, Youth Worker, said “Following on from the pupil survey, The Youth Work in schools team and Wider Achievement Faculty at Harlaw Academy have established a new S1- S3 youth group afterschool. As the findings of the survey showed that over half of the pupils surveyed said that they would like the opportunity to do cooking so we arranged for a course at Cook at the ‘Nook.

Naomi went on to say: “Cook at the ‘Nook is a new community kitchen facility on Poynernook Road run by the charity CFINE. They have partnered with us to give the young people an exciting opportunity to learn cooking and baking skills at their beautiful venue. Sean McVeigh and James Welsh from CFINE led the session, demonstrating to the group how to chop veg, measure ingredients and mix dough as well as giving safety advice. Linda Davidson, a former pupil of Harlaw and part of the Memorabilia group, accompanied the young people to Cook at the ‘Nook and was a considerable support to them as she is an experienced cook.”

“The young people had three sessions at ‘Cook at the Nook. In the first session they learnt to make tomato and lentil soup and cheese scones; in the following session they made an Italian pasta dish and in the final session, the young people got to make up a dish of their choice. The pupils worked in pairs and agreed on a recipe beforehand. They chose to make Macaroni cheese, a salmon, broccoli pasta dish, an Oreo chocolate sponge cake and strawberry brownies with a mango coulee! Their parents were then invited to see what their child had been doing and to taste the creations. In this last session the young people were organised, hardworking, worked well in teams and had grown in confidence using the equipment and tools.”

The young people were very proud of their achievements.

Development Worker Sean McVeigh had this to say:

“We put a lot of store in early years education around cooking, health and socialisation through food. We feel the sessions went really well, and it seems the kids and their youth worker enjoyed it!”

If you are involved in a group or know of one who would benefit from this kind of training please do drop the Cook at the ‘Nook team a line at or call 01224 596156.

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